Step 3 – Contacts

Selecting contacts

Select the Email Contact lists, and Saved Searches that your email will be sent to by checking the box to the left of the lists name.

The application will automatically add up the total number of contacts that will receive your email and remove any duplicates. For more info on how your Contacts and Lists work together see Lists.

If you have Saved Searches, they will be in a section below your static contact lists.

To see which contacts are in that list or saved search, click the view contacts icon on the right side

How to Exclude Contacts

Find the section labelled Ecxlude Contacts at the bottom of the page. On the right you will see a buttoned labelled “show”. Click to expand this section.

You will see all of your lists and saved searches again, but this time you would only checklists if you want to exclude these contacts from the message.

Check the box to the left of the lists or saved searches of email contacts in the that you DO NOT to receive your email.


Suppose you want to send out an email for a food recipe for steak and you’d want to exclude any Vegans.

Selected List – I like Food

Email Contact: Joe
Email Contact: John

Excluded List – I am a Vegan

Email Contact: John

So if you only select lists “I like Food” then both contacts Joe and John would get the email.
If you select lists “I like Food” but exclude “I am a Vegan” then only contact Joe would get the email.

This can be useful if you have a large number of contact segments, and you have a lot of cross over where a single contact can live in multiple lists. You can put any contacts you wish to exclude into their own list and exclude them without worrying about which lists they are on.

If you are creating an E-card or Triggered email campaign type you do not need to select email contacts.

Select the Save and Continue” button to proceed to the next step.

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