Creating a Saved Search

Saved Searches can be included in an email send, downloaded, or viewed.

Anytime you see a View Contacts Icon throughout the application you can create a “Saved Search”.
Click the View Contacts Icon to see the View Contacts screen and select the  Save as List link on the toolbar.

You may want to save all the contacts who clicked on a particular link in your email as a “Saved Search”

To view previously saved searches:

1. Go to Contacts on the main navigation menu.
2. Click the Saved Searches Link or the icon to open the Saved Searches screen.

• View Contacts – Click on the icon to open the Saved Search in “View Contacts” format.
• Download – You can download the Contacts and their data to a CSV file.
• Delete – If you don’t need the list any longer, click the icon to delete it.

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