Introduction to Lists

Check with support to see if these features are enabled for your account. Some features may not be visible or available in your account.

A list is used to segment or group Contacts, which can then be associated to an Email Campaign for sending. A list will be used by both your contacts (on sign up) and by you when you select who you want to send your Email Campaign to.

You may want a List named “Clients” to use each month to email the Monthly Newsletter Email Campaign.

The application will pre-add 1 list “Monthly Newsletter” for you so you can begin adding contacts immediately when using the application for the first time.

Many times, simply using the 1 list and 1 email campaign will be sufficient, but if you need a more advanced combination of lists you can have that too.

A public list is visible to both your contacts (when they join or update their profile) or to you in the application. A non-public List will only be seen by you or your staff.  Non-public Lists are useful when tracking internal information that would not be pertinent for your Contacts. For instance,  you could have a non-public list for sales regions (Southwest, Northeast, etc).

Having a contacts email in multiple lists only counts as one toawrds your contact total.


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