Insert Document Link (PDF, Word or Other)

You must upload the document file first before you can insert it if the PDF is not a URL link.

If you have a URL link to a PDF, you can insert that link as you would any link. You don’t need to upload the document in that case.

1. Select the Insert Image or File icon on the Content Editor toolbar OR Right-Click anywhere in your email content and select the Insert Image or File icon.
2. Click on the PDF, Word or Other document and then select Insert. You can also double-click to insert.
3. You will now see a link to your document with the name of the file displayed for the link.
4. If you would like to change the hyperlink text, you can edit the link.
5. Click the  Add/Edit Link icon on the toolbar OR Right-Click on the link and select  Add/Edit Link.
6. Change Text to display is the text the reader will see.
7. Select Ok.

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