Editing Image Properties

To Edit:

1. Click to select the image in your email content.
A black border with eight “handles” or small white squares will appear around the image when selected.

Resize Image

1. Place your mouse on one of the eight handles.
2. Click and drag to make the image larger or smaller.
3. Go here for all ways to resize an image.
2. Click the Edit Image Properties icon OR Right-Click on the image and select the Edit Image Properties icon.

General Edit Image Properties

Source: Select here to open Image Library.
Image Description: Type in a title or short description of the image. This description will show in the should your email recipient be blocking the display of images. It will also show in a screen tip with the description if the reader mouses over the picture.
Dimensions: The current dimensions of the image will show in the Width and Height fields. Select Constrain Proportions to keep the image from distorting when resizing.

Advanced Edit Image Properties

Style:  The current CSS styles applied to the image. You can edit CSS for the image here.
Vertical space: Creates white space on the top and bottom of the image. This keeps text or other content from wrapping too close to the image.
Horizontal space: Creates white space on the left and right of the image. This keeps text or other content from wrapping too close to the image.


1. Type in a number to set the width in pixels of the borders of your image.
2. Add  border-style: solid; to Style attributes.
3. Optionally to set border color, for example,  add border-color: blue; to Style attributes.

3. Click on the “Ok” button to apply your changes.

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