Duplicate Contacts and Deactivated Contacts

When you Add or Edit Contacts the application will handle the Duplicate and Deactivated Contacts

Duplicate Contact Logic

  • Each unique email address is one contact.
  • Duplicate contacts are always deduplicated. An email address will only appear once in a single list.
  • A contact can be associated with multiple lists, but it is still only counted as one active contact.
  • A contact email duplicate is determined by a matching email address only.
  • Email addresses are never updated. If you need to update a contacts email, you must add them as a new contact, and then you can manually deactivate the previous email address.

Example: If you add a contact:

“Jack Smith” (jacksmith@email.com)

and  a contact with the same first and last name is already in one of your lists:

Jack Smith” (jacks@email.com)

A new contact would be added (Jack Smith jacksmith@email.com).

The system would NOT change jacks@email.com to jacksmith@email.com.

  • If you are sending an email to multiple lists, and one contact happens to be in several of those lists the system will still only send one email to that contact.

When adding contacts a contact’s data or lists would never be removed when duplicate is found. Information is only added.

  • If you add a contact that is a duplicate, any additional data fields will be updated on that Contact record such as their First Name.

Example: If you add a contact:

“Jackk Smith” (johns@email.com)

and then a duplicate contact is found:

“Jack Smith” (johns@email.com).

The contact’s First Name would be updated to “Jack”.


Example: If you add a contact:

“Jack <blank>” (johns@email.com)

and then a duplicate contact is found:

“Jack Smith” (johns@email.com).

The contact’s Last Name would NOT be made blank.

  •  If you add a contact already in your database but in another list, they will be added to the list(s) you chose.

Example: If you add a contact to a list:


only and then a duplicate contact is found who is in the list:


The contact would be added to the list “food” and NOT be removed from the list “drinks”.

Deactivated Contacts Logic

  • Deactivated contacts will be treated in the same way as active contacts, but the information will not be updated.
  • A deactivated contact will NOT be reactivated by adding the contact again.
  • When contacts edit their profile they can remove or add their data or lists (public lists only) AND change their email address.
  • Contacts can change their status to “deactivated” by unsubscribing.
  • When you edit your contacts through the application you can remove or add their data or lists.
    You can also change the contact status to either “active” or “deactivated”.
  • See more information on deactivated contacts

It is not recommended to change a contact’s status from “deactivated” to “active”. The results could be increased complaints and the suspension of your account.

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