Contact Import Report

If the number of new contacts exceeds the maximum number of contacts allowed in your plan, the import will be incomplete. You will be notified in the Contact Import Report that you have exceeded your contact limit.

After each import, you will receive an email notification advising that the import is complete. For additional information on how contact duplicates, updates, etc. are processed, see our article on Adding/Editing Contact Rules.

The Contact Import Report will contain the following entries:

• Total number of rows of data in your CSV file.
• Total number of rows of contact information. (Total number of rows of data in your file minus any header rows.)
• Number of new contacts added and the List(s) they were added to.

You can add Contacts to multiple Lists in one import. All Contacts on the list are added to selected Lists on import. If you wish to add specific Contacts to separate Lists you will need to create separate imports.

• Duplicate email addresses are displayed along with the number of times it is duplicated on your list
• Number of duplicates.
• Number of duplicates who are Active Contacts and whose data was updated. See our article on Adding/Editing Contact Rules
• Number of duplicates who are Deactivated.
• Number of invalid email addresses.
• If Applicable, the number of contacts that exceeded your plan.
• List of invalid email addresses.
• Number of empty rows within the import file.

To undo the import see our article on undoing an import

Your import will be listed as a previous import on the import page.
You can view the report at any time by clicking the icon.

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