Do you support animated gifs?

A. Yes, we do. However, animated gifs will not be animated in Outlook 2007 or later. They will show just the first frame of the image. Microsoft has removed this function from Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016.

How do I upload my own HTML template?

A. Please view the instructions for uploading your template here. You’ll have to contact support to unlock this capability. We don’t recommend that you do this unless you’re an email designer. Transferring HTML from another platform can sometimes cause compatibility issues.

Auto Senders (Auto Response) Campaigns

An auto sender campaign automatically sends an email to a contact When the auto-sender function in the campaign configuration settings is turned on,  the most recently published email in that campaign will automatically be sent to any new contacts that are added to the corresponding list or lists. You can specify […]

How can I resend an email?

Go to the Email Campaigns > Active in the main menu. Select “Start new Email” for the email campaign you want to resend. In “Step 1” you will be able to click on the tab labeled “Previous Emails”, this will bring up a list of emails you’ve sent in the past. […]