Why are people unsubscribing from my emails?

People can unsubscribe from your email sends for many reasons, some are outlined below.

When the subscriber signed up, they might not have been aware of the frequency that you’re sending out. You can help them be mindful by labeling your lists in a way that lets them see how you intend to keep in touch with them.

The subscriber doesn’t enjoy the content you’re creating.

The subscriber doesn’t remember subscribing to your list.

The email is not mobile responsive, or it may be hard to read.

After 3/1/17 all of our free templates are responsive. If you were using the system before this date, it’s possible that you are using a non-responsive template. Any template in the “legacy” tab in Step 1- Design of the email campaign publishing process is likely not mobile responsive. Also, if you are selecting previously sent issues that are using Legacy templates, these may not be responsive either. When choosing a template, look for an icon in the top right corner of the thumbnail that looks like 3 blocks stacked in a pyramid shape. This indicates that the template is a mobile responsive template that can be edited in our email studio.

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